LEOCA Paris e-Boutique

Art Direction of Website & Branding for Digital Use
Client: LEOCA Paris


LEOCA Paris is a luxury childrenswear brand based in Paris created by designer Maud de Longevialle. It has a lovely showroom in the centre of Paris where you can enter the designer’s world, discuss with her and see her inspirations. Many LEOCA’s clients are based outside France and would not be able to experience LEOCA’s world as the brand doesn’t have any “physical” boutique. The project was to create an online store that would offer a personal and caring shopping experience, in a similar way to a designer boutique on the high street. The main idea was to make the designer talk to the customers through the website almost like they were in her Parisian showroom.

My role was to art direct the project by finding a strong visual concept for the whole website and apply it across the website by producing graphic layouts for all the page shapes. I came up with two visual concepts:
1) Inspired and Inspiring Fashion Design
2) Graphic Couture

Visual Concept #1:

Inspired and Inspiring Fashion Design

Showing LEOCA clothes next to the images that inspired the designer when creating the designs

Using zoomed in photos of the clothes and zoomed out photos of the looks to highlight the liveliness of LEOCA style

Visual Concept #2:

Graphic Couture

LEOCA Paris is a “Maison de couture” for children with a modern and grown-up look. It has very high-end finish and “haute couture” values. This concept was to highlight those values with the use of sharp geometrical shapes reminding sewing patterns and workshops.

Couture + Finish
= Dots, Lines, Diamond Borders

Sharpness + Modernity
= Thin Grid, Geometrical Shapes

Brand Guidelines for Digital Use:

Libre Baskerville

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

for titles and body copy

Nothing You Could Do

for Designer’s Word
Google Font closest to LEOCA Paris Designer’s signature:

Custom Icons: