Harvey Nash Website

Digital Art Direction, Web Design
Client: Harvey Nash
Agency: 4MAT Design


This website has won the Best National Recruitment Agency Website Award.

Harvey Nash is a recruitment agency specialised in providing technology talents. The challenge of this project was to gather all the Harvey Nash “franchises” spread across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the US, under a single brand identity while taking into account the diversity of the local cultures. The other challenge was to come up with a new look & feel under the constraint of using three elements of the old branding: the use of the “indicator” (a bottom facing triangle), a set of gradients and “blurred people” in photos (e.g. using a long exposure shot).


The idea here was to start from the H and N of Harvey Nash and see how it can be used to visually connect all the franchises. Drawing the lines allowed to shape a prism. The final concept was the idea of a light prism created by the Harvey Nash franchises and meant to highlight the best talents to Harvey Nash’s clients. Triangular shapes were therefore used to highlight important elements: using the “indicator” as a call to action, having the tip of the triangle pointing towards the most important content, etc.