Hanover Search Group

Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Print

Client: Hanover Search Group – Recruitment Agency for the Financial Industry


Hanover is a recruitment agency specialised in providing high profile talents for top management roles in the financial industry.

This project started with a pitch that we won. Coming up with a meaningful art direction for a finance client is always a challenge as the topics are quite dry and abstract. I used my knowledge of the financial industry to suggest a look & feel that the client felt was “right” and not obvious. The idea was to visually translate the idea of “aiming for the top” by using movement, flexible postures and perspective lines.

Imagery Concept: Intelligence & Agility

1. Triangle shapes to represent innovation and expertise . Triangles do not need to be obvious. They can appear as shadows, made of several elements on the image, etc.

2. Perspective – vanishing lines and depth to show agility and inspire.

3. Patterns and lines created by real life elements to picture collaboration with a human touch.

4. Colours should echo you of the Hanover colour palette (blue, violet and green) or their complementary colours on the chromatic circle (yellow, orange, red and pink). They should be vibrant to best connote innovation.

5. Showcase movement and be lively to suggest high performance and agility.