East London NHS Website

Art Direction of Website
Client: East London NHS Foundation Trust
Agency: Winona eSolutions
Photography: Joe Navin

How to create a website that comply with current and high visual standards when it has to include very conservative page furniture? This was the most challenging project I had as an art director.

– Strictly keep the conservative page shape of other NHS Foundation Trusts’ websites (examples
– Make East London NHS green stand out
– Limited choice of graphic assets: no high-res images available, images should represent people visiting East London NHS, strong limits regarding suitability and meaning of the graphics
– No changes in navigation habits du to the large amount of people with disabilities and mental health issues visiting the website

– Using photos rather than page layout and type to make the new site attractive.
– Making the most of East London NHS neighbourhood by organising a photoshoot of East London colourful landscape and street art.

Visual Concept:

East London Colours & Street Art