Digital Dream

Logo Design, Winner of Logo Competition
Client: ISIPCA & Dans le Noir Restaurant
Gobelins School of Image

Digital Dream was a branding and packaging project for ISIPCA, a major French school for post-graduate studies in perfumery, cosmetics and food flavour formulation. Each year, ISIPCA final year students are commissioned by a company to create a set of products including cosmetics, perfumes and food. This year, their patron was Dans le Noir, a chain of restaurants where guests dine in the darkness. Digital Dream was the brand developed by ISIPCA students. The story behind it was to reawaken people’s emotions through their unaltered senses (smell, touch and taste) as they live in a sterilised and dehumanized world.

My logo was selected among more than 15 propositions made by other students. It was then voted by the 60 members of the project and the board. I chose to present a figurative logo rather than abstract shapes to provoke an immediate understanding from the viewer. The concept was to show the duality of the modern world where people are teared between their anonymity and their need for humanity.

The final version is the result of a team work between myself and other students from Gobelins, School of Image.

Version that won the competition:

Final Version:

First Propositions: