Designer Fact File – Online Learning Platform

Art Direction and Graphic Design of Website
Client: British Fashion Council
Agency: Winona eSolutions

Designer Fact File is an initiative from the British Fashion Council to help young designers based in the UK to successfully develop their brand. The project was to build an online learning platform with a bespoke curriculum for each member of the Designer Fact File community.

Fashion designers are visual people. Abstract and dry business topics may drive them away. The main challenge was to combine strong visual design and intuitive navigation for a various set of page shapes for each step of the learning path.


Meeting & Understanding the Target

The Workshop was organised by Winona eSolution and Tessa Merrie – UX designer and researcher.

As Winona eSolutions’ Art Director, I suggested four visual concepts to better understand users’ expectations regarding the look & feel of the website.
1) Classic & Elegant (chosen concept)
2) Young & Stylish
3) Natural & Calm
4) Futuristic & Abstract

Member Profile:

Hit the “Next” and “Previous” arrows to see the various views of the learning path on the member’s profile.

Course Content Types: