Read the story of Beau Brummell Studio.

It all starts with a Parisian baby girl, and a head full of dreams.

31 August

I was born in the revolutionary Bastille area in Paris.

4 Years Old

I start ballet.
The only “sport” I tolerate, as I find some aesthetic satisfaction in it.

6 Years Old

I dream of becoming a comics artist.

17 Years Old

I enter “prépa” (preparation for The French “Ivy League”) at Lycée Henri IV, and major in sociology, keen to understand society.

19 Years Old

I am accepted into ESSEC Business School. I dedicate this year to photography, shooting anything and everything from fashion show to landscape of the Sahara and the North Pole.

September 2010

Wall Street.
I begin a job in sales trading in New York.

September 2011

The City of London
I continue working on the trading floor. I find it interesting.
However I’m neither happy nor unhappy, just…
something is missing.

I used to dream of the job I would do when I grew up. Suddenly I woke up and realised I had grown up, and would continue to grow. But now my life was predictable and comfortable, lacking passion.

Two Weeks Later

I decide to take the plunge
and apply for design schools.

I spend a week at Ledouze Creative Agency in Paris. The best work experience of my life. People are great, as creative professionals and as individuals. It confirms my desire to pursue a career in graphic design.

10 June 2013

I am accepted in digital design at Gobelins, School of Image in Paris. I am thrilled.

20 June 2013

I resign from my sales trading job.
My new life begins.

Here I am, finally! My childhood dream is coming true, and I spend the summer drawing. Websites, books, branding… I join all the graphic projects I can find. Before, I used to want 48 hours in my days, now I need at least 100 hours. I want to make up for lost time, and get better as fast as possible. I work all day long and all night long, until the sun rises. I hardly sleep, but … I am happy.

29 August 2014

It’s my last day at Winona eSolutions, where I just spent 4 beautiful months working on creative digital projects for fashion and charity clients.
I am offered a full time position.

September 2014

I start another year in Graphic Design studies at Central Saint Martins.
Such an inspiring atmosphere!

October 2014

I graduate in Digital Design from Gobelins.

April 2015

School is over. I am still breathing the creative air of Central Saint Martins. Back to business. I go back to Winona eSolutions as an Art Director.
My dream is coming true!

Listening… Observing… Analysing customer data… Breaking boundaries… Taking risks…

I’m inspired by UX design principles and develop a method that helps me solve visual design problems efficiently without compromising on creativity.

November 2019

I leave 4MAT and the world of digital recruitment, and now dedicate my time at helping startups to take their brands to the next level.

January 2016

I have mastered my craft, and applied my talent to service a broad range of high-profile clients. I feel confident enough to start my own business.
Beau Brummell Studio is born.

May 2018

I join the London based digital agency 4MAT Design where I take on the challenge of making recruitment websites and brands more engaging and connected to their audience. It’s a great opportunity to apply my process to clients of a larger scale such as Vodafone and Mitchells & Butlers. Beautiful personalities. Inspiring projects. We receive outstanding client feedbacks, hit our target to reduce the design amend time, and win pitches & awards.

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