Vodafone Careers Online Platform for Big Data

UX/UI Design, Product Design
Client: Vodafone
Agency: 4MAT Design

The project was to build an engaging careers online system for Vodafone’s Big Data team to attract the best data scientists.

Making the application process smooth, easy and relevant for both candidates and Vodafone.

Finding a visual concept with a WOW factor that would appeal to this highly demanded population while complying with Vodafone’s strict brand guidelines.

Personas are usually used to understand target users’ habits and help building a suitable user experience. I believe that visual design is part of the user experience and should be treated like so. Therefore, the first step of the visual design phase is to study the visual world of each persona to best understand their expectations, aspirations and comfort zone.

The analysis of the personas showed that data scientists are attracted by a startup experience but need a huge amount of data to make their work interesting. Vodafone has the data. Can it offer a startup experience? Discussing with the Vodafone team revealed that the answer is yes – it’s part of Vodafone’s culture to work in small teams on innovative projects. Vodafone has the means of a giant but the spirit of a tech startup. The copyright team came up with the wording. My job was to visually translate this concept.

To come up with a suitable visual proposition, I studied the different visual worlds in which the final deliverable needs to stand. It should echo startup aesthetics. It must look current. It has to feel “Vodafone”. It should give a sense of the future.